This slightly longer than average weekend flashed by in an instant. It’s Sunday evening and that pleasant feeling is here, the feeling of being in some kind of limbo. Not really wanting to do anything, but not wanting to go to bed either. Not that I really can anyway, since I slept till like 3pm today. Gotta admit I was saved by my friends when we went to watch this movie called After Earth. Not something I can recommend but we had lots of fun joking about it. Before watching it, during watching it, and after having watched it. Hehe. Weekend was great in all really. Just don’t have the energy to share any of it, not that it’d care really.

The scars of your love remind me of us,
they keep me thinking that we almost had it all.
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless,
I can’t help feeling, we could have had it all.